The Kitchen Sink Metaphor

The saying ‘to throw the kitchen sink‘ at something is an idiomatic phrase that means to try everything you can do in order to do something or to solve a problem. Throwing the kitchen sink is all about putting all your resources into a project to get it done successfully. It also suggests a sense of desperation or determination to leave no stone unturned and to give it everything to overcome challenges or achieve success. The phrase became popular during World War II, where it was said that everything but the kitchen sink was thrown at the enemy to try and defeat them.

So many foot problems need this kitchen sink approach. All to often, there is a problem and something is tried. It doesn’t work, so something else is tried and it also doesn’t work. So something else is tried and it too doesn’t work, and so it goes on and on. It goes on until something might or might not work or the condition just gets better on its own as so much time (and suffering) has passed.

What would have been a much better approach is to ‘throw the kitchen sink’ at the problem early and get on top of it. Using concurrently multiple approaches might have a better chance of success than using one after another failure. That is why we started this website.